For Editors


1. Periodic scientific publications (hereinafter referred to as journal) are published on the basis of recommendations of academic councils of scientific and research centers or organizations, as well as state or accredited higher education institutions.

2. The journal must be scientific or scientific-methodical and have sections of content by speciality.

3. The journal must have an editorial board, composed of leading experts of the field. The editors must ensure the scientific novelty of the materials published in the journal, the availability of references to quoted content and statements in the articles.

4. Materials published in a journal are blind reviewed or recommended for publication. The name of the reviewer of the article is required. The originals of reviews or recommendations are stored in the editorial office and submitted to the Supreme Certifying Committee upon request.

5. The journal must have a certain volume and publication frequency – at least two issues a year, must be delivered to the National Book Chamber of Armenia, the National Library of Armenia, and professional and scientific libraries. Attachments and additional issues are not equal to the main publication.

6. The journal must have a web site, which must include:

  • detailed information about the editorial staff, including their contact information (phone, email address, other contact method or link to the personal page),
  • basic information about the journal, abstracts of all published materials (in Russian or English), keywords, and information about the authors,
  • the requirements of the ethical standards of the journal, the financial aspects of publishing articles – paid/ free and the guidelines on review rules,
  • full archive from 2013 to the present, for journals which were launched later than 2013, starting with the year of publication,
  •  e-mail address

7. The journal must indicate the dates for manuscript submission, review, and publication.

8. The journal must be registered with the International Standard Serial Number System (ISSN) and have an international standard serial number - ISSN.